This is my personal website full of my ideas, works, thoughts, delusions, paranoia’s  and fantasies.  Browse the pages and leave a comment if inspired to do so.  Listed below in part are recent postings:

Had web site hosting problem that cost me three hours of my life yesterday, May 23, 2021 – but we are back in action

a “new” 79 Worder that I found in a file from March 2013; still on point.;March 16, 2019

new 79 Worder on the MeToo movement; check it out and comment; December 6, 2018

another new 79 Worder on American beauty aesthetics; December 27, 2017

check out my new 79 Worder on Pickup Lines; November 10, 2017

a newspaper article on one of our planning projects was published today – see it in My Professional Work section; August 30, 2017

another new 79 Worder about our American culture; August 23, 2017

check out my new 79 worder; July 28, 2017

Created a new garden bed in my side yard this spring emphasizing beans/peas – used back yard bamboo to create a trellis to support vines – first crops were pole beans and black eyed peas which produced well (especially the peas) – see photos in the My Garden section; July 9, 2017

Thanx to my new tech support, Joe Boy, the site works again – don’t know what he did and don’t care – it is back and I will keep Joe involved so when I screw the site up again he can bail me out – I intend to post a bunch of stuff that has accumulated over time so I hope I am true to my word and get more stuff out there for the world to see; May 31, 2017 – PS Joe bailed me out again March 15, 2019

after over two years of fooling around with GoDaddy, I have figured out the problem; pay them money and update your WordPress plugins and posts – hopefully a barrage of new material is coming to you; March 5, 2017

New 79 Worder; Misnomers.The word shit is the most misused word in the English language. For example, when confronted with very cold temperatures one might say “its cold as shit” when clearly shit is 98.6 degrees.  How about “I have to take a shit”? Does this mean combing through public toilets?  And if you “didn’t give a shit” you would not be uncaring but probably very sick. Finally, to call a woman “hot as shit” is crudely accurate but not a compliment. January 30,2014

Article on my work to improve Corrine Drive was in the news; November 2013.

newton 9-13

Just back from Boston; stayed in Newton circa 1750s and stumbled upon this historic feature on an afternoon walk; pretty cool.  September 18, 2013

Check out my new post for the My Garden page; some good strong germination results and some not so good so look at the My garden page.  September 8.

Labor Day Weekend means gardening begins in Florida so I created a new page; My Garden.  Check it out. August 31.

A new 79 Worder for y’all. Influential Americans Ray Krok, Abe Leavitt and Ruth Handler made the worst contributions to our society. Abe, Leavittown founder, started the suburban revolution leading to the decline of our cities and our utter auto dependence. Ray, McDonald’s founder, is chiefly responsible for our overly hurried approach to life and fast food and poor health quality meals. Finally Ruth, Barbie doll queen, has so influenced our warped fascination with female anatomy that has scarred girls and boys alike. All take a bow. August 22, 2013

Try out the adventures of Jamal Barramundi; a quintessential male.  The first tale is in Mexico and was completely done by research on the town of Mazatlan.  The other two stories are based upon many vacations to central New Hampshire (Squam Lake) and Captiva Island, Florida. The locations, directions, recipes and history are all true and these fictional stories are based upon my character of Jamal.  He wins the fights, wins the girls and is the quintessential gentlemen.  Enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. August 21, 2013

Been fooling with this site for months but I am finally ready to give you a sneak peak of my interests. Check out the pages already loaded as I have about half the site’s content installed.  My hope is  this site will inspire me to be more energetic and creative.  So stop back as often as you like to see if I have become more prolific. August 20 ,2013