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Corrine Calming Coalition
C3 is a grass roots group of Audubon Park Garden District residents seeking to continue and enhance the thriving businesses in the District. We are interested in your opinion of the District to set a starting point to seek publicly acceptable improvements. To that end, we would like you to read our Mission and Vision Statements and then answer a few survey questions. You will find the results posted on our Facebook page (Corrine Calming Coalition). This is also the social web outlet to follow to learn when our public outreach meetings will occur after we get the results to the survey. So please take the survey, follow our site and then come out and effectuate positive changes to make the District even better than it is today.
Mission Statement
To identify champions, engage discussion makers, and mobilize local residents to make Corrine Drive the most vibrant and appealing local shopping district in Orlando.
Vision Statement
Corrine Drive must transform into a safe, walkable and attractive corridor that supports high quality of life, promotes local business and community social interaction.


November 7, 2013 the blog the Bungalower printed this article about C3

A group of Audubon Park Garden District residents are working to calm the traffic on Corrine Drive and make it more friendly for bike riders and pedestrians. Corrine Drive is the heart of the Audubon Park Garden District and crossing from one side to the other can be a scary experience.

The residents formed the Corrine Drive Calming Coalition or C3 (Facebook).

“The Audubon Park Garden District businesses are vastly improved from those which I remember when I moved into the neighborhood in 1991. The Main Street program does an incredible job of making the Business District a lively, interesting place,” said Corrine Drive Calming Coalition founder Jim Hall. “Now is the time to clean up the old street and enhance the Main Street program efforts with a safer and more comfortable street. Corrine Drive should not just be for commuters to go home but available for the safe use of pedestrians, bicycles and shoppers coming to and from the businesses. That is our goal.”

The grass-roots group is made up of residents who are planners, civil engineers, landscape architects, urban designers and transportation planners.

“The C3 members deal with issues of place making, transportation improvements, plantings, signage and creating a pedestrian orientation in our daily professional lives. We want to bring those skills and ideas to life for the Business District,” Hall said.

The group meets regularly and just completed a public opinion survey. The survey showed what you would expect. People don’t feel safe walking or riding their bike along Corrine Drive. It also showed that more than half were willing to spend more than 45 seconds to travel through the area if it meant improving the roadway.

“We have been meeting for about six months and have just completed a public opinion survey. While we could come up with our own ideas to improve the District, we prefer to build consensus with the public; thus, the survey as a first step. There have been some informal discussions with the City staff and Commissioner Robert Stuart but we are now ready to take those conversations to the next level,” Hall said.

The group knows they’ll have to get creative when it comes to covering the cost of any improvements.

“The City has maintenance requirements for the road so we will start there – if the improvements turn expensive another avenue would be to get Corrine on the Metroplan funding list – beyond that are grants – at a minimum, we can redo the Edgewater Drive solution of repaving and re-striping,” he said.

To make matters more complicated while the City of Orlando maintains the road it’s actually a county owned road.

We’ll continue to cover the Corrine Drive Calming Coalition and any changes they seek. What changes would you like to see to Corrine Drive?


Survey Questions
Where do you live?
 Audubon Park
 Baldwin Park
 Colonialtown
 Winter Park off Winter Park Road
 Elsewhere

How many times do you shop/dine in the District a month?
 5 or more
 3 or 4
 1 or 2
 Seldom

What is your opinion of Corrine Drive (check all relevant choices):
 Too wide
 Vehicles travel at too high of speed
 Unsafe pedestrian environment
 Unsafe to ride your bike
 Unattractive and lacks aesthetics treatments
 Just right as it is
To travel to the District, are you more likely to (check all relevant choices):
 Drive your private vehicle
 Walk
 Bike
 Bus

If you drive, is there enough parking?
 Yes
 No

If parking in the private lots, do you find the lots safe and efficient for maneuvering your vehicle?
 Yes
 Safety concerns entering and exiting the lots
 Safety issues within the lots themselves

If on foot or bike, do you feel safe in the following circumstances (check all relevant choices) ?
 Walking across at the intersection; yes/no
 Walking along Corrine Drive; yes/no
 Crossing Corrine Drive at mid-block; yes/no
 Biking on Corrine; yes/no
 Biking in the parking lots; yes/no

In your opinion, which of the following beautification treatments are most appropriate for the District(check all relevant choices):
 More planted medians; yes/no
 Installation of street trees along Corrine Drive; yes/no
 Installation of more planters; yes/no
 Upgraded consistent and attractive signage; yes/no
 Installation of District branding signage on the OUC power poles; yes/no

If it is appropriate to consider changes to Corrine Drive, would these be worthy of consideration (check all relevant choices):
 Traffic calming/safety treatments
 More on street parking
 Addition of bike lanes
 Additional plantings
 More pedestrian crossings

If Corrine Drive were to be improved for safety and aesthetics, how much additional time would be acceptable when traveling the length of the District?
 No additional time
 10 to 15 seconds
 15 to 30 seconds
 30 to 45 seconds
 More than 45 seconds

If Corrine Drive were improved for safety and aesthetics, how many times a month would you be likely to shop/dine in the District?
 5 or more
 3 or 4
 1 or 2
 Seldom

Ready to Make a Big Push in 2015

This is the year to find funding to calm Corrine Drive.  C3 will be meeting regularly to plot out our strategy to make this project a reality.  Check out our Facebook page at Corrine Calming Coalition.

January 14, 2015

December 2016
A local newspaper, The Weekly, names C3 “the pluckiest activists in Orlando” for 2016

May 31, 2017
Over the summer of 2016, C3 was able to receive grant money from Healthy Central Florida and the Winter Park Health Foundation for almost $20,000. The idea was to undertake our own study of improvements for Corrine Drive. When we met with the City of Orlando about our plans, they were intrigued with the opportunity. The City had just received a large grant from FDOT to study “complete streets”. The City allocated a third of their grant to a local transportation agency; Metroplan to do the study. As of today, the study has started with a completion date this year. A small grass roots organization has hopefully made a difference!

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