See what’s up in your head??? That could be intriguing or… skeery! Haha. Um.. Beat it, creep! (I use this line often at the bar!) I’ve read about a third of your ramblins and so far I like it (though I needed a dictionary to figure out some words  ). I will read over the rest by Fri. Great stuff comes outta your head, Jamal! (Did I really just say that?!) Sharon Huang August 21, 2013

Hi Jim! LOVE your site – what fun! I wanted to let you know, I tried replying to your 79 worder, and the link didn’t work… as a (new) blogger myself, I always want to know if my links aren’t functioning…
Anyhoo….. love your cookbook too – I didn’t read all the way thru it, but you’ve got a great sense of humor and a really comfortable writing style. Thanks for sharing!
Maybe Doug and I will run into you again sometime soon…. take care!
Erin Toussant Weesner August 21, 2013

I went through every page tonight. It’s cool, Jim. Love the diversity. The 79ers are great. Why 79? I’m not up on all of the downtown O neighborhood names, but I love Lake Lucerne B&B and talking long walks through those lake ‘hoods. Is that where you live?
P.S. where was the cover photo taken?
P.P.S. looking forward to seeing how u do the pics Alison Pruitt August 21, 2013

Wow!  Looks fun and interesting.  I have to pull it up on the computer so I can check it out better………Sounds like Jamal is The Most Interesting Man In The World. His recipe for cervesa es muy bueno! Your whole site in general is very interesting, with so many different things to read. Your 79 Worders are fun, too. Maybe you’ll inspire others to try something like that. Me? I can’t write worth a shit, but you seem to have a bit of a gift for it. Congrats on starting this 🙂 Chris Girty August 22, 2013

Loved it!  Not fully justified though…Dallas Austin August 22, 2013

Some neat stuff jim. Thanks for inviting me! Sheryl Bower August 22, 2013

He asked me to look into his mind with my eyes of plastic, and eliminate all expectations and never be disappointed. This is what I saw: Warped fascination, swimmingly blue eyes that light up a room, glorious delicious morsels. Author coyishly radiant, gracefully navigating the inevitable march of frailties. Actively creating, circumnavigating and caring about his city, while searching for beauty. Adam’s apple intact and fingers typing out interpretive vague and distinctly evocative thoughts.  My two cents. Love, Carolyn. August 25, 2013

Love the site so far.
Went immediately to what’s in my head to see if there was a quality soundbite
there was.
Look forward to perusing more and will check out the Sabrette installment next.
Has this helped tweak your inspiration and creative juices yet? Carolyn Stapleton. August 25, 2013

Holy crap, the food in that cookbook looks good. I’ll take the crab dip. Come out to Corrine Drive Sept 20th 2013 for Orlando’s first ever PARK(ing) Day! 10 am to 2 pm, down on the East End Market section.  Jennifer Marvel August 26, 2013

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