Jamal Barramundi’s Cookbook



Quintessential dining for the quintessential male

Jamal Barramundi

February 2010

Jamal Barramundi Gourmet cookbook second edition

I was Ward to my ex-wife’s June for over 20 years when that relationship ended and I found myself on a late December day all alone.  Well, one must eat to survive so I decided to learn how to cook.  Self taught.  The internet is a powerful educational tool. With my older son off to college, I stumbled upon the idea to write a cookbook of good, simple and humorous recipes.  To organize the cookbook, I created the character of Jamal Barramundi; aging, diminutive Mexican natural with a passion for life.  Jamal travels the world to taste the best food and relate it to you through his cookbook.  If you turn to my page on Jamal you will find short stories heralding his adventures of travel and gluttony. So enjoy the cookbook, use the good recipes and laugh at the sardonic ones.

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