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These accounts of my travels are reported to provide men with knowledge; of fine dining, wonderful places, fun adventures and my perspective on life. I have been fortunate to live a relatively long and lustrous life. From very humble beginnings in rural Mexico to a more carefree lifestyle of a self made man. Each chapter is a tale of an adventure in a different interesting locale. Through the adventures, I hope you will learn about the geography, the history and people of these places and glean some of the things I have learned in my life.

I was raised by my mother and father in Ciudad Delicias, a small town in the Sonoran desert. Early in life, I was sent to work harvesting blue agave for the Herradura tequila distillery. While my family had little money, my parents insisted I be homeschooled and, later in life, schooled by the Yaqui shaman don Juan Matus. He was an energetic man who had been living, studying and teaching the Yaqui way of life his entire life.  The end result of the Yaqui teachings is a great understanding of things as well as the ability to carry and handle oneself well; spiritually, mentality and physically as a warrior (without an aggressive attitude).  For instance, while I may appear small, I have learned to handle myself in most any situation.

While I have lived a long life, few can tell my age upon first meeting me. This also comes from the diet I have learned over time which I will help impart to the readers during my adventures; a quintessential plan for life.

I was fortunate to have created an invention which revolutionized tequila distillation and provided me with a handsome sum of money to live life my way. Though I have never forgotten my roots and some of the frugalness, I am now free to travel and explore and pass these teachings on to you. I hope you enjoy my following adventures.


Chapter 1 – Matzalan, Mexico

Chapter 2 – Squam Lake

Chapter 3 – Captivating Captiva


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