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all new gardens for this year – had a larger garden planter constructed to initiate my back yard make over – ultimately, a covered patio, new car port and driveway so this is just the start – May2021

new side yard garden for peas and beans
April 2017

tomatoes, dill and carrots galore to complete the 2014 fall garden - now to plant spring 2015 garden

tomatoes, dill and carrots galore to complete the 2014 fall garden – now to plant spring 2015 garden

spring 2013 garden

Restarted gardening in the fall of 2012 with the raised beds on the ground to the left.  I removed all the grass from this unused side yard and put in the three beds.  Then added the truly raised bed in the spring of 2013 as garden window in lieu of a window garden (see below).

garden window 2013


squash and tomatoes are doing well September 21 2013


stopped being a half assed composter and went into the modern age – cant wait to refill the beds with home made compost next season September 15 2013

the results are in for starting the fall garden 2013

have three types of tomatoes from pots all doing well – have a bonnie bell and yellow bell pepper still producing from last season – added a banana and another green pepper from pots – got good germination and strong starts from Burpee seeds of fordhook zucchini, summer snack cantaloupe, stringless green pod beans and florence fennel – got mixed results from major hybrid broccoli – got little to no germination from evergreen long white bunching onions and black seeded simpson lettuce – I have never had any luck with onions so I added a pot of leeks and chives yesterday – then I replanted the cantaloupe since squirrels dug in the garden and killed my first planting – I also filled in a couple of gaps in the beans, did a second planting of broccoli and lettuce as well as adding detroit supreme beets and common chives – the herbs of lemon thyme, orange mint, purple basil and boxwood basil grow almost like perennials here – and rosemary can grow into a shrub(see the picture below) – lets see what the season brings us – September 8


great web site:

bamboo; most sustainable plant in nature:

florida garden calendar:

February 16, 2014

Refreshed the beds the second week of January.  Moved the asparagus next to the also permanent rosemary.  Worked around the onions and chives which seem to take more than one season to mature.  The next weekend I sowed pole beans, broccoli, lettuce and beets.  The following weekend I added three tomato and three pepper sets.  Lets see how the garden grows.


Winter harvest January 2015; tomatoes galore

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