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an example of reverse angle parking; more efficent and safer to enter traffic seeing oncoming cars but alass see what the police think

February 21, 2016

improvised reverse angle parking

improvise reverse angle parkingThe Walkable Grid Neighborhood Design Model; February 22,2015
Walkable grid

Altamonte Springs, Florida TOD Master Plan Approved

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, the City Council approved the TOD Plan.  Here is the Executive Summary

East Town Executive Summary

For more than 25 years I have been practicing (you would have thought I wouldn’t still have to practice) the art of urban planning as a private consultant.  During this time, I have developed a strong set of principles of what urban planning should be and can be; aspirational.  Learning from history that good city planning stopped in the last century and how we can get back to creating great places for people. Cities last hundreds of years and the concept of making a quick return on investment is not typically in the best interest to this long term view of place.  Creating viable, sustainable communities is an imperative to our culture’s success into the future.  This series of power points presents my view of how to best shape the art of planning and move away from a land use approach to a development form vision of creating neighborhoods, communities and cities that celebrate people to create great American places.

chapter 1 – The Ills of Land Use

chapter 2 – Reconsidering Suburbia

Chapter 3- Complete Streets

chapter 4 – Alternative Approach

Chapter 5 – Implementing New Urbanism

Chapter 6A – Trasit Oriented Development

Chapter 6B – Transit Oreinted Development

Chapter 7 – Corridor Redevelopment

Walkable grid

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